"We are walking together, we are observing together. We are walking along the same path, not your path or my path but the path of investigation."
J. Krishnamurti

Weekly Timetable

I teach small groups and one-to-one to ensure that each student receives sufficient input from me to be able to progress their understanding and pratice.

Studying in small groups is a very effective of learning and has some advantages. Whilst we do not have the undivided attention of the teacher in a small group we do have the support of our fellow students and we learn from them too.

Currently I am not teaching any public classes.

Private Lessons (one to one or in groups of up to 4 people)

Private tuition is available in the Bovington/Wool area at an hourly rate of £30 for one and £35 for up to 4 people.

Please contact me to arrange a session.