Introduction to Yoga Course

In this work there are no beginners or advanced students. There are some fundamental principles common to all postures and these are introduced in this 6 week Introduction to Yoga Course. If you are new to yoga or haven't practised for a while I recommend that you start with this course which will provide you with a good foundation for an enjoyable, rewarding and safe yoga practice.

Upon completion of this course progression is to one of Anne's regular yoga classes.

Course Outline


Session 1, Finding our feet

"The formation of the arch in the foot is essential in order to stand and walk in a proper way." Vanda Scaravelli

The structure of the foot and the 3 arches
Standing poses including: simple standing, standing on one leg and warrior I
Breath awareness
Progressive muscular relaxation


Session 2, Standing Tall

"To stand upright, without muscular effort, your body parts must be balanced around your centre of gravity." Tom Seabourne

Introducing your spinal curves
Effortless standing using our bones and gravity for support (it's hard work for the brain!).
More standing poses including: simple standing, forward bend over one leg, downward facing dog
Breath awareness
Autogenic relaxation


Session 3, Sitting pretty

"By efficiently organizing our body around this axis [the force of gravity] we create a situation in which gravity is able to reinforce the uprightness of our posture." Will Johnson

Sitting postures including: staff, frog, cobbler, Bharadvaja's twist, head-to-knee, three-way facing, and cross-legged
Breath awareness
'wave' breathing
Rotation of consciousness (relaxation)


Session 4, Bending over backwards

"The front of your body opens as your whole spine lengthens and expands, integrated and moving with your breath." Esther Myers

Introducing the backbends: serpent, cobra, half locust, warrior I, equestrian and two-foot support
'wave' breathing
30 point relaxation

Arms overhead

Session 5, Here comes the sun

"O Sun of Suns, thou art all energy, give me energy. Thou art all strength, give me strength. Though art all power, give me power." yajurveda

Introducing the standing forward bend and eight-point salute
Linking some of the forward and backward bends that we have practiced together into the sequence known as Salute to the Sun (surya namaskara).
Sitting and breathing
Relaxation with visualisation

Headstand foundation

Session 6, Topsy, turvey world

"Just as the feet are the anchors of the asanas in the standing poses, the elbows and the hands are the main anchors in the inverted poses." Chloe Freemantle

Preparing the foundations for inverted postures: headstand, elbow balance and shoulderstand (don't panic we will be keeping our feet on the ground!)
Sitting and breathing with a rest after the exhalation
Relaxation with sound

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