My Teacher

Diane Long, an American living in Italy, studied with the late Vanda Scaravelli for 23 years. I regularly travel to Italy to work with her. She comes to the UK two or three times a year so catch a workshop with her if you can.

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Articles about Vanda Scaravelli, Diane Long and the work

A Soujourn with Diane Long in Varanasi, India by Anne Crowley

What is This Way of Working? by Ed Fellows

When Movement Becomes Meditation: The Legacy of Vanda Scaravelli by Nan Wishner

Inspired by Vanda Scaravelli by Jane Sill [pdf file].

The Teachings of the Late Vanda Scaravelli; A Workshop with Diane Long by Sharon Steffensen

Your Body as Teacher by Anna Crowley. This article, which appeared in Yoga and Health Magazine, compiles the responses given by Diane Long, Sophy Hoare and Ed Fellows to questions posed in interviews with them in 2008.

A Revolution by Sophy Hoare. Sophy recalls the first time that she went to Italy to work with Vanda Scaravelli and describes the journey that began with that visit. She relates her experience of this way of working.

Awakening the Spine by Esther Myers & Kim Echlin. This article includes an interview with Vanda. I recommend that you don't take much notice of the piece "Applying Vanda's Ideas in Your Practice" that follows it. The words are not the thing - you interpret them as you are. All you will do is your interpretation of Esther's interpretation of what Vanda was doing and like some sort of Yogic Chinese Whispers it will be a weird distortion.

Lesson in Freedom by Emina Cevro Vukovic

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Recommended Articles

The Myth of Core Stability Eyal Lederman re-examines the original findings and the principles of core stability and how well they fare within the wider knowledge of motor control, prevention of injury and rehabilitation of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems following injury.

Do Back Exercises Work? Peta Bee examines whether the effects of core-stability training are as beneficial as we have been led to believe.

A New Look at Yoga (Yoga Journal 1977) Joel Kramer presents yoga as an evolutionary process and introduces the Yoga of Mind as a powerful approach to self-exploration. Mental yoga reveals the mind's nature and its filters, and is an important part of physical yoga practice. Read this article if you're trying to get your head around Jnana Yoga!

Yoga as Self-Transformation (Yoga Journal 1980) Joel Kramer explores the use of yoga as a psychophysical tool to confront our limits and transcend them thus bringing about transformation.

Aline Newton's series of three articles on gravity, posture and breathing
Part 1. Breathing in the Gravity Field
Part 2. New Conceptions of Breathing Anatomy and Biomechanics
Part 3. Posture and Gravity

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Krishnamurti Resources

"The teachings are important in themselves and interpreters and commentators only distort them. It is advisable to go directly to the source, the teachings themselves, and not through any authority."

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust

An educational charitable trust whose role is "to see that these teachings are kept whole, are not distorted, are not made corrupt. They will not give rise to any sectarian spirit in their activities... nor create any kind of place of worship around the teachings or the person."

The Krishnamurti Centre

A quiet retreat centre where you can go to study Krishnamurti's teachings. You can stay or just visit for the day. The centre has books, audio-cassettes, videotapes, CD's and DVD's for use by guests.

Krishnamurti Online

The online repository of the authentic teachings of J. Krishnamurti. You can subscribe to receive an email with the quote of the day.

The Link Magazine

An annual magazine The Link is a literary contribution to the global dialogue around K's teachings and a source of general information on many of the related organizations and their activities.

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All about pronating An exellent video about the structure of the foot, pronation and how to stand correctly in everyday life (opens in a new window, lasts 8 minutes)

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More Yoga

Yoga classes in Poole, Moreton and Corfe Mullen, Dorset with Mark Allcock a fellow student of Diane Long.

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Wellsprings Aikido Aikido training in Broadstone under the direction of Mark Allcock.

Aikijo in North Devon with my friend Richard Small.

Yang Style Tai Chi in North Devon with my friend Richard Small.

Short Stories by North Devon author Richard Small.

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