"Meditation is to be aware of every thought and of every feeling, never to say it is right or wrong but just to watch it and move with it. In that watching you begin to understand the whole movement of thought and feeling. And out of this awareness comes silence."

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Quiet Sitting - Sessions have been suspended

Sitting Sessions

Our modern way of life means that it can be difficult to find a place and time to sit quietly by ourselves. There always seems to be something else that has to be done before we can sit and then when we finally manage to sit we are plagued by interruptions and distractions.

Does this sound familiar to you? If it does then the answer could be to attend a quiet sitting session. Having an appointed time to sit will help you manage your activities and getting away from your everyday environment will remove the interruptions.

You will need to attend the four week Introduction to the Art of Sitting Course before you can join us in these sessions.

Format of the Session

Green tea will be available on arrival. Green tea is traditionally drunk before sitting for meditation because it gives excellent mental awareness. As a bonus it also soothes the throat and relieves a dry cough! (Some medications interact with green tea so if you are taking medication please check with your pharmacist before imbibing.)

A bell will be rung to signal the start of the session. When you hear the bell you should take up your sitting position in the practice room if you haven't already done so. The bell will be rung again to indicate the end of the session.

There will be no talking in the practice room.

Because of the nature of the session there will be no late admittance.

During the session you may stretch your legs or change your sitting position but please do so in a way to minimise disturbance to other sitters.

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"They say Buddha practised every form of asceticism know to the India of his times, in an effort to attain enlightenment. All in vain. One day he sat under a bodhi tree and enlightenment occurred. He passed on the secret of enlightenment to his disciples in words that must seem strange to the uninitiated: "When you draw in a deep breath, oh monks, be aware that you are drawing in a deep breath. And when you draw in a shallow breath, oh monks, be aware that you are drawing in a shallow breath. And when you draw in a medium-sized breath, oh monks, be aware that you are drawing in a medium-sized breath." Awareness. Attention. Absorption.
Anthony De Mello in 'The Song of the Bird'

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"Thought is the entity that divides and through thought, that is through analysis, you hope to come upon that state in which there is no division at all; you can't do it, it can only come about when the mind itself sees and understands this whole process, and is then completely quiet. That word 'understanding' is very important; a description doesn't bring understanding, neither does finding out the cause of something. So what brings understanding? What is understanding? Have you ever noticed when your mind is quietly listening - not arguing, judging, criticizing, evaluating, comparing but just listening, then in that state the mind is silent and then only understanding comes. There is this division within ourselves, this everlasting contradiction and we must simply be aware of it, and not try to do anything about it, because whatever we do causes this division. So complete negation is complete action.
Krishnamurti in 'Talks with American Students, Chapter 7 2nd Talk at Claremont College California 10th November, 1968'

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